How to maintain white underarms

underarm- cucmber


Cucumbers are  naturally bleaching agents  hence helps to lighten the dark skin and used in many face packs along with many other ingredients. Just slice the cucumbers into pieces and rub them on the underarms or make a puree of cucumbers and rub them and let it set for 15 mins . Other method for whitening under arms is to mix cucumber juice ,baking soda and olive oil .Later wash off with cold water.You  can repeat the procedure any number of times until you are satisfied with the results.

underarms lemon


Lemon is also a natural bleaching agent which are very good anti bacterial and antiseptic agent. Lemon  is also used on the soft face skin which helps to remove pimples and acne.Just cut a lemon into half and squeeze the juice out and rub the lemon skin on your under arms and let it set for 15 mins .This is remove all the sweat odour and starts to lighten the skin.

underarms-baking soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is the number one agent for removing any odours which will do the same for under arms. When we sweat a lot our under arms naturally starts to smell . This also causes the skin to become dark. Make a thick paste of baking soda with water and apply it on your underarms and let it set for 15mins.Then wash off with cold water.

under aramsOrange-Peel2

Orange peel

Peel some orange peels and dry it in the sun until they are crisp . Make them into a powder and preserve in a bottle.Mix the orange peel powder along with some milk and honey and apply in to on your underarms.Let it set for 15 mions and then wash off with cold water. Repeat it atleast twice or thrice a week.You can see the changes in a few days.