Coconut Oil (Edible Oil) for Alzheimer’s

Coconut oil is the oil derived from the coconut. This oil is a natural oil that is heart healthy and free from transfats. This oil is extracted from the coconut which is has matured either by hot or cold press or by solvent extraction process.

The best coconut oil to use is cold pressed coconut oil which has all the benefits of the trace vitamins and minerals present in the mature coconut in it.

Why is Coconut Oil Considered as a Cure for Alzheimer’s disease

New studies have pointed to  the fact that coconut oil helps in preserving brain function and also in preventing or helping with the Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that when the brain does not get glucose which is its main source of enegry due to improper metabolism in the body it leads to Alzheimer’s. Essentially the brain is slowly starved.

However it is believed that when coconut oil is digested in the body it produces ketones which become an alternative fuel source for the brain. Thus preventing or even curing Alzheimer’s disease.

Check out the following Youtube Video which talks about how coconut oil cures Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Can Coconut Oil hurt patients with Alzeimer’s Diesease?

However all these are from several observational studies and these have not been backed by scientific studies that are currently known. For more information on these you can follow the Alzeimer’s Society of Cananda for more information.

However is should be noted that fats in oil similar to coconut oil could increase the levels of a protein called acetylcholinesterase. It should be noted that the current treatments for Alzheimer’s make use of compounds that reduce acetylcholinesterase (technically they are called acetylcholinesterase inhibitors).

Thus there is a fear that since fats in oil similar to Coconut oil increase acetylcholinesterase the consumption of coconut oil might actually be detrimental to Alzheimer’s patients. For further information about this you may check out the Alzheimer’s Society of UK website. However there is no test or study that has conclusively proven that Coconut oil is bad for Alzheimer’s patients also.

Are there other stories with regards to the benefits of Coconut oil for Alzheimer’s

You can also check out the following article on CBN which talks about the benefits of Coconut oil for treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Patients with Alzheimer’s need to understand that the stories published in the news media such as CBN need to be backed by more scientific studies before Coconut oil is certified as a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Conventional treatment for Alzheimer’s

According to Webmd there are no known cures for Alzheimer’s however the diesease can be managed by certain medication. The following are the medications reported in Webmd. However all these medications should only be used after a qualified doctor has approved them.

  • Aricept (Only treatment approved by FDA) which can be take for all stages of Alzheimer’s
  • Razadyne which is for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.
  • Exelon which is for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s
  • Memantine (Namenda) for moderate-to-severe Alzheimer’s
  • Namzaric (Mix of Namenda and Aricept) for people with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or if they currently have Alzheimer’s do not worry. Consult a doctor or a specialist in the field. New and promising cures are comming up all the time and there could be a cure around the corner.

Discuss the benefits of coconut oil for Alzheimer’s with your doctor and see if it would help if the patient starts taking coconut oil. If the doctor approves discuss the dosage and frequency amount of coconut oil that the patient needs to consume with the doctor and follow the same.

Also let us know if there are improvements with regards to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s by taking coconut oil.

We pray that you or your loved ones are cured of Alzheimer’s very soon.