9 Benefits of Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans called Raajma in Hindi (राजमा).

The following are the nine benefits of eating Kidney Beans with Rice as a part of a regular diet

  1. Kidney beans compliment the amino acids present in the rice and make sure you get all the 9 essential amino acids so that you can get the best protein available to your body. Also the protein source contained in a bowl of kidney beans and rice is fat free for most part.
  2. Kidney beans are low in glycemic index, and thus even though the rice is higher in glycemic index the sum total of Kidney beans and Rice makes sure that the total glycemic load is lower thus helping to keep blood sugar from spiking.
  3. Kidney beans have one of the highest content of molybdenum which is needed for proper enzyme function in the human body.
  4. Due to the presence of higher fiber content (both soluble and insoluble) it helps in making sure that your bowls movement is regular. Also the soluble fiber makes sure that dietary cholesterol is removed from your digestive tract.
  5. High calcium content of Kidney Beans combined with the calcium in rice makes sure that your bones stay strong.
  6. Low calories, low fat and high protein ratio of kidney beans and rice make sure that they can be used for serious weigh loss.
  7. Folate (vitamin B9) content in kidney beans help to make sure that cell repair and maintenance are taking place without a hitch. And when combined with the protein that kidney beans and rice supply it becomes an ideal after workout meal that is low in calories and fat and high in protein.
  8. Magnesium in Kidney beans acts as a calcium channel blocker thus making sure that blood flows freely in the veins and arteries. Magnesium makes sure that the veins and arteries stay relaxed and thus can help in reducing blood pressure.
  9. Kidney beans are rich in Thiamin (vitamin B1)  which make sure that your brain stays sharp.

Apart from the above Kidney beans are also a good source of Iron and other nutrients as below (for 100 gms of cooked beans)

  • Calories : 127
  • Protein : 9 gms
  • Fiber : 6 gms
  • fat and cholesterol: 0 gms
  • Potassium: 405 m gms

The following is the best way to prepare kidney beans

Kidney beans are not easy to cook. So the best way to cook it is to soak the kidney beans over night in water. Then place it in a cooker and cook on medium heat for 20 to 30 minutes. Add salt, pepper and spices as needed and serve it with on the side with cooked rice.