Uses and Benefits of Banana leaves


banana leaf1

Most of us think only about banana fruit when we talk about bananas. But we forget about the leaves which have equal medicinal value and can be used in everyday life. In earlier days people were using banana leaves as a plate for eating their meals. They are many uses and benefits of banana leaves.

Banana leaves for cookingBanana-leaves-cooking

Cooking fish , Chicken , Poli ( sweet dish in India) , all the variety `potatoes gives the dish a lot of aroma nd flavour. The recipe is very easy. Just mix the chicken and the fish with the needed ingredients and wrap it up in the banana leaf and fry it in the pan with some oil. Let cook for about 4-5 mins each side and open the banana leaf and check out the wonderful flavour.

Banana leaves for Burns and Wounds :banana wrap - beautiful skin

Many Ayurvedic treatments for skin problem and sprained muscles always include an oil massage. After giving the body a full oil massage natural treatment centres wrap the body with banana leaf which tends to remove the toxins and  gives the body a relaxing feel. In Villages they tend to wrap up the wounds with the coconut oil and banana leaf which is said to heel faster. For skin burns due fire and hot water , wrap the wound up with the banana leaf as it will cool the burning sensation and stops itching. As for insect bites in villages they still apply Sunambu (slaked lime) and wrap it up with the banana leaf. This will remove the toxin and prevents from swelling up.

Banana leaves For Serving Food:coconut-plate

As plastics are now the most dangerous element surrounding us we better start to think about the ways we can avoid using plastics. We can serve food in a banana leaf instead of a plastic plate. Now  coconut wood plates are available. We can serve food for a small party with the coconut plate with a round cut banana leaf inside the plate. We can also use paper cups for serving water or juice. These are some minute ways for avoiding plastics so that we can have a safe and beautiful natural surrounding for our later genenrations.

Banana leaf for packing :banana-leaf-cups

Instead of using plastic cups it is best to use banana leaf for packing  food materials.