Acne Simple Treatment with Lemons

What is Acne?
Acne is a skin conditions where pus spots form mostly on the face or anywhere else on the body. The shape of the pus spots are either conical or round and usually have a black head or white head. Acne usually begins at puberty however sometimes even smaller children have acne. The acne can be either mild or very severe with spots forming on the face especially cheeks and nose and also on the back and chest. Acne causes severe embarrassment to youngsters and also causes loss of self confidence. Acne also leads to scarring on the face which may stay for life.
The most severe form of Acne is Cystic Acne where in there is a severe infection at the site of the acne. Cystic acne is very painful and usually runs in families.
Most of the time Acne might resolve itself after adolescence however the scars acne leaves behind might stay for life.

What causes acne?

The oil glands on the skin in some people get hyper charged due to higher levels of testosterone in their body (yes both women and men have testosterone but in different levels). At the same time these oil glands get clogged up by either dead skin cells or dirt due to either lack of personal hygiene or due to other hereditary conditions where dead skin cells are not shed properly. This leads to infection of these glands which results in pus formation which causes acne.

What you should not do when you have acne?
Do not try to pinch or scratch out the acne. This causes further infection to spread and may lead to further complications.

Does Lemon Cure Acne?
Lemon does not cure acne. However washing your face and skin several times a day with lemon juice or the rind of the lemon itself acts and a cleanser and an exfoliant thus making sure that the oil glands do not get clogged.
Thus when the oil glands do not get clogged the chances of an infection arising in them is reduced by several fold and this reduces the changes of you developing acne in the first place.
Lemon juice being a natural cleanser gently removes any dirt and excess oil on your skin and lemon rind being a gentle exfoliant removes dead cells from the skin.
Make sure that you clean your face and skin on chest and back or where ever you get acne several times with lemon juice and lemon rind several times a day especially whenever you feel the skin is dirty or oily.

What are the medical cures for Acne?
Currently there are no cures for Acne in the medical world. However your doctor might suggest that you use a retinoid such as

  • Retin-A
  • Differin
  • Renova
  • Tazorac

These retinoids work by acting as super charged exfoliants and clear the clogged pores. However they might cause your skin to become more sensitive to sunglight.

Also your doctor might recommend an antibiotic to kill the bacteria. Common antibiotics used are

  • doxycycline
  • tetracycline
  • minocycline
  • erythromycin

All these medications can improve the acne infection and give you relief. However it is important that these medications are taken only under a qualified doctors recommendation as nearly all of them are not over the counter medications and can cause problems if used without a qualified doctors recommendation.

Hope you successfully counter the problems caused by acne either to you or a loved one with the simple stuff such as the juice of the lemon and its rind. Let us know how the same has worked for you, also before trying anything consult your doctor for what might be suitable for you.

Wishing you all the very best in health.

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Neem oil for acne

Neem oil is very effective for natural treatment of acne. Acne is mainly caused by bacteria and neem is antibacterial makes neem oil the best treatment for acne. Neem oil is available everywhere and it is very cheap too.Using neem oil directly is more effective than using neem soaps and neem scrubs. Always mix neem oil with coconut oil and apply it on the face.The ratio of neem oil to coconut oil approximately should be 1 tsp to 2 tsps of coconut oil. This is a very slow process but using it regulalrly will cure the acnes and fades the acne scars away too.It also prevents new acnes.The smell of neem oil is also very bad but when mixed with fresh turmeric (kasturi manjal) the smell is not that bad. Very yond neem leaves which are almost dark red in colour is very effective.Collect them and wash them and grind it along with the turmeric and apply it on the face. This cleans the facial skin.young neem leaves]


  • Make sure  the leaves are tender other wise  you will not be able to grind it to a fine paste.
  • Organic turmeric is better.
  • Equal quantities of homemade coconut oil and neem oil will make the  neem smell not too bad.
  • Start with 1/4 tsp for every 2 tbsp of coconut oil and slowly increase it to equal quantity of both oils.

How to treat Acne


Acne starts as a pimple when the pores in the skin is clogged with a oil type called sebum.This oil serves as the lubrication for the skin and hair.Acne is common during the age of 12-15 years of age.acne 2






Causes of Acne

  • Constipation
  • Improper supply of nutrients
  • Irregular meals
  • Consuming excessive amount of oily foods,starch,bakery items,sugar etc..


There are many ways to prevent acne :garlic acne

  1. Wash your face atleast four times a day with very mild soap or very little face wash which is suitable for you.Gently massage the soap or face wash in a circular motion .Do not scrub as it will irritate the skin.Pat the skin dary do not wipe hard as it will break the acne and causes more breakpouts.
  2. Do not pop the pimples.
  3. Avoid using scarfs ,head bands and caps which will collect the drit and oil on the skin.
  4. When you are wearing glasses wash it with soap regularly.
  5. Choose good quality of makeup brand.
  6. Drink water .junk vs healthy foods
  7. Avoid eating very oily foods like chips,deep fried items.
  8. Avoid eating baked foods like cakes,cheese items etc..
  9. Avoid eating very sweet and salty foods.
  10. Eat atleast three garlic a day.
  11. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits for fiber for regular bowl movement.
  12. If turmeric dosent affect your skin then try our Benefits of Kasthuri Manjal(turmeric).