Xiaomi Mi4 bags third in the world


Xiaomi Bags the third position in manufacturing smartphones in the world.Samsung and Apple are at the lead as always and Lenovo,LG and Xiaomi were at the fourth position but now the report shows theat Xiaomi is now in the third position.

Xiaomi ‘s flagship mobile Mi4 was revealed in august to compete against Samsung and Apple.But Xiaomi is sold very well in China and some Asian countries too.But not sure in other places were Samsung and Apple are still the biggest players.


In Quarter 2014 the vendors shipped a total of 327 million units with an increase of 25% from the same period a year ago, and 8 % from the Quarter 2015.

“Despite rumors of a slowing market, smartphone shipments continue to see record-setting volumes. We’ve finally reached a point where most developed markets are experiencing single-digit growth while emerging markets are still growing at more than 30 percent collectively,” said Ryan Reith, program director with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Samsung is still the leading master in Smartphones and Apple is going on with its iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus is going on to it third-quarter volume ever.The new iPhones were sold in advance booking and about 10 million phones were sold during the first weekend.

Lenovo’s cost is less than $100 and are emerging in the Asia-Pacific markets,Middle east and Africa.


What is Insurance???

What is Insurance?insurance

This is a question that is top of the mind of every person who wants to buy an insurance policy or for an agent who wants to sell you an insurance policy for the first time.

Why do you need insurance?

insurance family

You need insurance so that you can take care of your family in case anything happens to you.

The agent who comes to sell the policies might be your uncle, neighbour ,friend or a relative who just showed up at your door and wants to sell you a policy so that you can get them commission.

insurance bro

So what is insurance really and how does it help a person especially a person in India. We are going to concentrate on Insurance in India as India is one of the countries which has the least insurance cover either for people or for industries or properties.Therefore let us first start by defining what is insurance.

In lay mans terms Insurance is the sharing of losses which can be compensated by monetary means by people who pay into a pool of funds that will be used to compensate the loss of a few who lose within the time frame where in the fund was supposed to be used.

Well that was a not lay men terms you say, in that case let me elaborate.

Assume that in a city there are one thousand shops. Each owner of a shop has Rs. One lakh worth of stocks in his shop.Suppose one of the shops were to have a fire and the stocks were destroyed then that shop owner will be left with no stocks and a heavy loss to bear.Further more the workers will be left without a job.

Thus in order to mitigate such losses that could happen to any one of these shops then about 1000 shop owners join together and pool one lakh rupee s by contributing Rs. 100 each, and when the loss happens next to one shop the pool of Rs. one lakh is given to the shop owner who has lost his stock so that he can buy back the stocks and restock himself.

All is well again. Thus by contributing just Rs. 100 each the city shop owners have insured themselves against a catastrophe which might affect any one of them. This is the essence of insurance.

The next question arises what happens when the next fire occurs, and the pool is now empty. Well the shop owners should immediately contribute to the fund once they have used the funds to pack the first loss, since every one of the 1000 shop owners might not have Rs. 100 left to contribute the funds again and someone in the group might not feel like paying right at that time, or what if two losses happened at the same time and there was no money to pay the second loss, such scenarios make the above system impractical for most purposes.

To make a more formal setup Insurance Companies are formed.

Insurance companies make it a point to collect insurance premiums from a lot of people (a lot more than the 1000 people) usually in the millions so that the chance of the pool getting depleted by a few members leaving at a time, or from multiple losses happening at the same time does not arise. They also study the pattern of losses that happen over time and decide what is the least amount of share that each member of the pool has to contribute so that the losses happening are covered (this is done by people who know a lot of math and have specialized in the study of Probability – more on that latter).


History of blogger (chapter 2)

pyra labs

Blogger was launched by Pyra labs on August 23,1999.In 2003 the Blogger was purchased by google and thus the unique features in blogger became free.

google and blogger

In 2004 google introduced huge redesign and added special features like professional templates,pages for posts,comments and email feedback.In 2006 google introduced its new version named Invader.This feature allowed the user to migrate to google servers and allowed multi language felicity for languages like french,german,italian,spanish etc.In 2007 google moved blogger completely to operated servers.

The Blogger Guide : Chapter 1

 Chapter 1

Introduction to become a blogger

Do you want to start a blog ?Do you want know how to start a blog.You are in a very tough budget but you are very much interested in making money online ,you have come to the right place. This is a guide will help to create a free blog within a minute and start posting your work instantly with no knowledge of programming and web designing. This article will help you to know the cheaper way to start a website or a blog.There are plently of platforms like tumblr,weebly,wordpress and blogger etc.But blogger platform is best of all.

ebloggerwordpress image2




This is a step by step guide for beginners who have just started to blog and become a successful blogger.It is very important that you read all the steps before you start to work on it. Just go to blogger and book your blog and start blogging.

blogger page2

But if you can spend some money then it is highly recommened for self hosting.What is the difference between the free domain name and custom doimain name is that when you start a blog on blogspot.com you site will always be “yourstitesname.blogspot.com” where as when you book the custom domain name it will be yoursitename.com/.net/.org etc. anything you choose.Well here Gokovai.com is a custom domain name.


But it is good to start a blog like this for example with blogger.com for the beginning and learn the process and then spend the money.

How to make money through website???

How to make money through  website???

google images

This is the major question  searched by many many many more beginners and startups.There are many ways to earn money online and some are as following…

The major step to make money online is to be consistent in updating your website and keeping it current.

  • When you start a website  or a blog(with blogger or wordpress) you can earn through Google’s Adsense ,paid posts ,email marketing and buysellads.
  • Place your Ads just below the recent post and increase your Click Through Rate and also increase your clicks on the ads as it just next to the title.
  • Place your ads next or under the attractive keyword and your Click Per Cost will always be much more.
  • Place your ads below the sub headings .
  • Place your ads as it goes along  with the TEXT Ads with the post.
  • Change the ads colour so looks more like a post rather than a an ad.
  • Add the 200×90 ads and boost your result immediately.
  • Using responsive ad units also helps when the user browses through smartphones.
  • Use Google Analytics overview and find out the posts which have the most hits and and monetize them with the ads.
  • Place ads below the menu and the chances of the visitor to click the ads increases.

We have given some points that might increase the earnings for your website.Try  it.


Mangalyaan ‘s First Mars Images

Way  to go India  

(Courtesy: ISRO's Mars Orbiter Twitter account)
(Courtesy: ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Twitter account)     

Mangalyaan ,after completing a journey of 666 million km in 10 months  Mars Orbiter Mission “MOM”  has sent out the first image from the Mars in just 12 hours as it started to orbit around the red planet.According to MOM’s Twitter account the images came out good along with the subtitle of “The view is good up here”.Hence ISRO too confirms that MOM’s image data.

Pride of India


ISRO fired The Main engine  for  24 minutes along with eight small thrusters so that it could be captured by Mar’s gravity and hence it can glide into the orbit.

India is now the first Asian nation to reach the Red Planet  as its Mangalyaan  entered to orbit on Wednesday.

India is now the first country to achieve its goal in its first attempt.

India has completed its Mission to Mars project with a budget of $74 million whereas NASA has spent nearly $671 million on its MAVEN.

MAVEN is orbiting around is studying Mars thin atmosphere and Mars water whereas Our Mangalyaan orbits around Mars to study  its surface and atmosphere for its chemical substance.

India now joins along with US,Europe and Russia in successful mission to Mars.

The life of the Craft is six months and later it will run out of fuel until then the Scientists will operate the Craft with their  five very specific instruments to collect data says the Scientic secretary of ISRO Mr.Koteswara Rao.

Prime Minister of India ,Mr.Narendra Modi who is very fortunate as he is also the Minister of Space was happy to learn that  the cost of our MOM was much less when compared to the haolly wood movie “Gravity” ,which was estimated to be $100 million.

Now as he is on his way to the U.S. the Honourable Prime Minister is about to sign the new agreement joint of Indo-U.S. Radar Satellite Mission not to mention that recently China and India have signed the agreement on “Peaceful uses of outer space”.Our Prime Minister is very happy that he can flaunt over this technological triumph on his trip to the U.S.

And Now many would like to join our team’s success.

When India was on the go with its mission to the moon  ,Chandrayan in 2008 China raced ahead with its its Chang’e-1 satellite successfully.But now India raced ahead with its mission to mars Magalyaan successfully in 2014 when china’s  to Mars Yinghuo-1 failed in 2012.

ISRO’s chairman Dr. K. Radhakrishnan has gone on record by saying, “We are not racing with anybody. We are racing with ourselves. We have to race to reach the next level of excellence.”

We Congragulate the team of ISRO and all others who are involved in this journey to Mission to Mars .You guys have become the pride of India and we are very proud of you .



A Mom’s View of Happiness

happy kidIt  was a Friday evening when my  6 yr old son came back from school .He had seen some spider man  pencil box of his friend and he had fixed an eye on that box. He was very excited to tell me about the box and all other spiderman toys his friend had at home. I immediately  knew that he wanted that spider man pencil box .After dinner time my son ,the clever one,slowly started again about the box and said that he also wanted one spidey box for himself .I told him that I will think about it. The next morning as soon as he got up he started again with the pencil box matter. I told him that we will go in the evening to look at it .I managed with same story for the whole week. Then finally it was Friday again and I decided to get him that box .He had also asked his friend which store and floor in the mall has the pencil box .His father was not that excited to get him the box as he had three boxes which was almost the same as this spiderman box. Well finally we reached the store and unfortunately  the spidey box was not available in that store .But they had other boxes something similar to that box. But my son was not interested .That other spidey pencil box was just Rs.150 only. My daughter then suggested that we search the other shops in the mall. Hence we searched more shops and luckily one shop did have the  spiderman  pencil box but it was a full set. The set contained all spiderman items like a pencil box, a sharpner, water bottle, a pencil case with 10 pieces, a pen case with 5 pieces, and a money saver tin which came with a lock and key. The cost of the set was RS.699.My son was excited when he saw that set. But when the sales man pinched in Ben 10 set which had almost all the items just like the spiderman set except the money saver tin  and  the case of pens were not in the box..But the Ben 10 set had a snack box.


The number of Items in the Ben 10 was much less than the spiderman box. But my son was confused  whether to get the Ben 10 or the Spiderman set. I told him that once he choses then that will be his final decision and there will be no change and no more gifts till his birthday. Then finally he chose Ben 10. It was Rs.599.The shopping was finally over. My Son got his spiderman box set , my daughter got her favourite hair band and for me since we had dinner outside I escaped from cooking for the night. Everyone were happy .As soon as we came home my son was very excited and he was going through his gift for a long time. Then  the next day he was very excited to show his friends and so on went Saturday and Sunday. It was during bed time when he slowly started that he should have got the spiderman set instead of the Ben 10 set and he wanted the spiderman set instead since it was with the money saver tin.I got mad. I yelled at him and told him that he has made his decision and there was no change in it. He slept after crying for a long time. After a while I felt bad and checked out the new Ben 10 set.The set was quite neat and  nothing was used.Even the wrapped up covers for the items were still intact.Then I thought that it might be possible to exchange the set for the spiderman box the next day.Monday morning he again asked me whether I will exchange the set for him. I did not answer and my kids both went to school. When  my husband and I started  off to the office  I told him that I had the idea of changing the set .


But he was not interested and started telling me that I was being too liberal with him and I have to teach him some good lessons like sticking to the choice that he had made even if it is a bad choice. But I wanted to change the set and I went to the store and exchanged the Ben 10 set to Spiderman set.

When I went to pick up my kids from school ,as soon as he saw me the first thing he asked me was whether I changed the set. When I said yes his face went up as bright as the sun. He was so happy that he told his friend about it and played so happily. When we went home from school he was so happy to see the box and started to explore it .

Did I teach my kid a good lesson , more ethics , to stick with choices , not to wish for unnecessary things and not to ask for all the things his friends  were having etc. I think  sometimes we should set aside the values to win the heart of our children .As a mom  from my point of view I think I did not teach him any of this but I was very waiting for that look on my son’s face which was more worth than all the other things.Is it or is it not?





Apple Watch and Apple new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

i phones

Apple is on the go.Apple is launching the  Watch  along with  iPhone 6 and  iPhone  6 Plus.Apple have also starting the service of mobile  payments on Tuesdays  through “Apple Pay”.Apple is looking for ward to this product as it is the first new product unveiled under  its new CEO Mr.Tim Cook.iPhone 6 also features the combination of health and fitness tracking .

Apple Pay 

apple watch

Apple pay will  come to action from next month in United States.This will make the buyers very easy to pay for the phones or any Apple devices in stores by just taaping their contactless card payment  than using  a credit card or debit card payment.For the paument to be secure  the iphone 6 comes along with very secure chip  and NFC antenna (near field communications) ,a technology invented  by Sony and NXP Semiconductors.To  avoid the breach of security Apple iphone 6 comes  along with Touch ID Fingerprint  scanner. Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook says that “our vision is to replace the wallet and we’re going to start on payments”. He also added “Apple Pay will forever change the way all of us buy things.”

Apple watch


The Apple Watch comes in three new models which includes a sport edition and a pricey one with 18 carat gold coated . uses digital crown which links to the iPhone.The Watch allows the  users to communicate through their watches and offers directions through maps and  Buzz their contacts in a different way.The device can also be used to interact with hotels as a room key.Even the watch can be used as battery indicator  for cars.The Watch will be available in 2015 and the price will be approximately $349.


Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

iphone and watch

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is the most anticipated  launch for the Apple lovers.

The device was launched at Cupertino California’s Flint Centre.The place was chosen in particular as Steve Jobs unvield  Mac approximately 30 years ago.

The displays are ploarised and the model is much thinner that the previous Apple iPhones.The Main feature of the phone is that screen with four inch screens.The price of the iPhone 6 will be $199 whereas iPhone 6 plus will be starting at$299 with a two year contract.


Aloe Vera -Do it yourself facial packs


Everyone are looking for some natural home made remedies for beautiful skin and radiant look.Try out some of these natural facials packs at home and see how much difference that Aloe vera makes your skin glowing.

Aloe Vera advantagesaloe plant

  1. Aloe vera keeps   the skin hydrated and glowing through out the day.
  2. It is a   natural moisturizer  for your skin and helps to keep it rejuvenated.
  3. Its anticbacterial properties helps in stopping infections and inflammation.
  4. It also helps in smoothing the pain due to sun burns,insect bites ,cuts and infections.
  5. It helps in getting rid of dry skin,pimples,acne  etc.
  6. Aloe vera is very good in treating  eczema.
  7. Using Aloe vera everyday helps in reducing  the aging process and wrinkles and the dark spots due to dust,oil etc.
  8. Aloe vera is an excellent source of anti-oxidants .

Methods  to prepare the facial pack of aloe vera at home:


How to remove the gel from the aloe vera plant leaf.

  1. Select the Leaves which are thick and wide.
  2. Cut the leaves and hold it upright .
  3. Once the sap drains out  wash the leaves .
  4. With a knife cut the edges of the leaf carefully as it tends to slip off from the hand .
  5. Peel  the green skin of the leaf and scoop the gel with a spoon from the leaves.
  6. This White transparent gel is the Aloe Vera gel.

Tan Removal Face Pack using aloe vera gel

  • Mix the aloe vera gel with some lemon juice and let it sit for sometime.
  • Damp your face with warm water and apply it in your face and neck.
  • Let the pack to dry for 15-20 mins.
  • Wash with warm water .
  • Immediately you can see the glow in your face.

 aloevera and honey

Aloe Vera face pack for oily skin

  • For greasy skin remove the thorns from the leaves and boil them  in water .
  •  After cooled down  make it into paste.
  •  Mix some honey and rose water with the paste.
  • Apply the pack and leave it for 15-20 mins.
  • Apply this pack once a week and you can see the glow on your skin within weeks.

 Aloe Vera face pack for sensitive skin

  • Mix the aloe vera gel with some rose water,yoghurt and cucumber .
  • Any other oil like vitamin E oil ,almond oil etc. can be used  in the mixture.
  • Apply it and leave it sit for 15-20 mins.Wash off with cold water.
  • By adding Neem oil to the gel can be used for treatment of skin rashes and dirt.

Aloe Vera face pack for dry skin

  • For those who are suffering from dry skin condition Aloe vera makes wonders.
  • Make paste of Aloe vera gel ,cottage chesse and cucumber.
  • Add some lemon juice to it.
  • Apply on your face and neck and let the pack sit for 15-20 mins.
  • Wash it off with warm water.

 aloe vera dry skin

Aloe Vera face scrub for dead skin removal

  • To Brighten your skin texture and remove the dead skins aloe vera is recommended highly.
  • Make a paste of the aloe vera gel and cucumber and then mix oatmeal with it.
  • Apply it on your face and neck and let it sit for 15-20 mins.
  • Later once the pack is dried apply little bit of water and wet the pack on your face.
  • Then scrub your face in circular motion on the cheeks and fore head.
  • Wash it off with cold water.

  aloe detoxi

Aloe vera for detoxication

  • For detoxication blend some aloe vera gelwith some mango pulp and lemon juice.
  • Apply it and leave for15-20 mins.
  • Wash it off with cold water.

Refrigerate the extra aloe vera gel  in an air tight container  to  use them again.





Could Tony Stark Be Killed Off In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

homas Roach on whether Tony Stark could be killed off in Avengers: Age of Ultron…

This may be a cAvengers Age of Ultron (2)ontroversial issue for many as the character of Tony Stark is without a doubt the fan favourite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There has been talk of the character of Tony Stark being retired or killed off, a different character wearing the Iron Man suit worn by a different character, and even the idea of recasting the role after Robert Downey Jr. decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore. There is a lot of potential for where the character could go, and also a huge opportunity to kill the character off.

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