How to maintain white underarms

underarm- cucmber


Cucumbers are  naturally bleaching agents  hence helps to lighten the dark skin and used in many face packs along with many other ingredients. Just slice the cucumbers into pieces and rub them on the underarms or make a puree of cucumbers and rub them and let it set for 15 mins . Other method for whitening under arms is to mix cucumber juice ,baking soda and olive oil .Later wash off with cold water.You  can repeat the procedure any number of times until you are satisfied with the results.

underarms lemon


Lemon is also a natural bleaching agent which are very good anti bacterial and antiseptic agent. Lemon  is also used on the soft face skin which helps to remove pimples and acne.Just cut a lemon into half and squeeze the juice out and rub the lemon skin on your under arms and let it set for 15 mins .This is remove all the sweat odour and starts to lighten the skin.

underarms-baking soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is the number one agent for removing any odours which will do the same for under arms. When we sweat a lot our under arms naturally starts to smell . This also causes the skin to become dark. Make a thick paste of baking soda with water and apply it on your underarms and let it set for 15mins.Then wash off with cold water.

under aramsOrange-Peel2

Orange peel

Peel some orange peels and dry it in the sun until they are crisp . Make them into a powder and preserve in a bottle.Mix the orange peel powder along with some milk and honey and apply in to on your underarms.Let it set for 15 mions and then wash off with cold water. Repeat it atleast twice or thrice a week.You can see the changes in a few days.




Ganesh Chaturthi – September 17th 2015


Ganesh  Chaturthi  also known in south India as Vinayagar Chathuti   is the festival  of Lord ganesha who is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . This festival is celebrated all over India. This festival falls normally on between august and September and this year the festival falls on September 17th.This festival lasts from 3- 10 days of worship. Lord Ganesha is the one diety who everybody loves and performs Ganapathy homam  or poojas to him when they start with any major activity.


The festival starts by by installing the mold or model of the lord Ganesha  by clay a day before the festival.The idols are painted in colours and decorated as per their own wish. Commonly he is decorated with a errukam poo ( Calotropis Procera )  garland and arugam pul ( Bermuda Grass) and Vibhuthi with sandhanam .He is dressed with new white dhoti and towel and is prepared for the pooja.Modak ( Kozhukattai ) and  ellu ladoo ( sesame ladoo) is the main item to be offered to him during the pooja.

vinayagar modak


vinayagar ellu ladoo

In Chennai the idols worshipped in public are normally  not more than 13 feet high and models made with paper maiche and plaster of paris is banned by the government. Many people now have come to know the dangers of this materials when dissolved in the sea and other water bodies so they mostly make the idols out of organic products like Coconuts  etc.

Some Ganesha  ( Vinayagar ) slokas For Kids

1. Vinayako Vighnaraja Dvaimatura Ganaadhipaaha
    Apyeka danta Herambha Lambodara Gajaanana

Meaning :

Lord Ganesha who is  the destroyer and controller of all the  obstacles, Who  is the commander of all the attendants of  his father the great  Lord Shiva . He is the one  deity with a singe tusk, a pot-belly and with the face of an elephant.

A chant to request Him to go ahead with work without any obstacles 

2. Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
    Nirvighnam Kurume Deva Sarva kaaryeshu Sarvada

Meaning :
O  the great Lord Ganesha, who is having a curved Trunk and a large Body,
possesses the Brilliance of a Million Suns,
Please  God remove all obstacles to my work, at all times.

A prayer for Him toKeep us protected and be with us all the time

3. Gaurinandana Gajanana
Girijanandana Niranjana
Paarvati Nandana Shubhaanana
Paahiprabhomaam Pahi Prasanna

Meaning :
O the great  Lord Ganesha, son of Mother Gauri (or Parvati), the one who is  born of the Lord of the mountains,whose heart is  pure, spotless and pleasing to look at. Please kindly protect us, please accept  our devotion and bestow us with good fortune and your protection.

A prayer to Him to return to us when He leaves us to do His duties  for others.

4.Om Gam Ganapathiye Namo Namah
Shree Siddhivinaayaka namo namah
Ashta Vinaayaka namo namah
Ganapati Bappa Mauriya


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The Amazing “Auto Anna ” – Annadurai


A 28 year old  auto driver in Chennai is making all the difference  he can possibly do. His name is Annadurai and famously known as “Auto Anna”  among  driving area between Thiruvanmiyur  bus terminus and Sholinganallur. His vehicle is is  school auto which has all the modern facilities one can find in a limo.

autoanna 2

He provides free Wi-Fi in the vehicle , even provides a Laptop , Smartphone and a  10 inch Tab if one does not bring any with the internet connection. He provides free internet access  while travelling in his auto. Not only that he has a collection of modern magazines and newspapers  in his auto like a small library for those who are not interested in Wi – Fi. These magazines are dailies and he agrees that he spends over Rs.4000 a month for them.He has upto  35 publications every month.

auto annna 3

He also offers many discounts like he provides free rides for children on Children’s Day , on Mother’s Day, Valentines Day for couples , Women’s Day for women. On his birthday September 15th all the customers in his auto gets upto  50 % off.

Doing all this he also manages to make a profit of 1000 a day and make a good living .He says  this is enough for  him as  he is a bachelor. He drives from 8 in the morning to 1 o ‘ clock  in the   afternoon and from 5 pm to 11 pm at night. He also manages to help poor children by funding for their education and he also has more plans like helping out more children and starting an old age home as soon as possible.

Trisha Mahajan , a journalist ,was very touched and  delighted about him and as made a short film about him which already has 1 lakh views in youtube this week.

There are many more like “Auto Anna “ Annadurai  who manage to make their time useful  to the most and lives a contended and a meaning full life. Yet many of us blow up a very small problem into a big problem and have a life full of …………. Well fill it up.

Aadi month festivals – Why Aadi Month Is Special

Why Aadi Month Is Special.

Shree Lakshmi Devi

All Aadi  festivals  is special for various Ammans. All the  four  Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays of this month are considered very auspicious. Lots of festivals are celebrated in the month of Aadi. This tamil month marks the beginning of all festivals. Tamil month Aadi is considered as an auspicious month especially for all women . All Fridays in this month especially the 1st and 3rd are very auspicious.


The next six months from Aadi to Margazhi is the Dakshinayana punyakalam. It marks the beginning of the night of all the Devas. This month is special for Goddess Devi. People worship Goddess Devi  and her different forms during this month to get her blessings.


Auspicious days in Aadi Month:


AadiVelli (5 Friday’s of Aadi Month):

  1. The 1st Friday of Aadi month is worshipped to Goddess Swarnambika, Goddess Parvati.
  2. The 2nd Friday of Aadi month is worshipped to Goddess Kali. Prayers are offered to the Goddess of Siddhi powers will bless you with Excellent
  3. The 3rd Friday is worshipped to Kalikambal, Goddess Parvati, who blesses us with courage and health.
  4. The 4th Friday is worshipped to Kamakshi Amman, a form of Goddess Devi.Offering special prayers to Her this day will remove the obstacles in marriage, relationships, etc. and will help us to be successful in life.
  5. The last Aadi Friday is worshipped to Goddess  Lakshmi Devi , the consort of Lord Vishnu.  Varalakshmi Pooja  is performed at home . This is a special day for all women. It is believed that on this day, Goddess Lakshmi listens to us and fulfills our  needs and desires especially of women, who earnestly pray to Her. It is said that if a woman earnestly prays to the Goddess on this day, she will invoke the blessings of Goddess for her entire family.


Many poojas  are performed on Aadi Fridays and Tuesdays even on Sundays.


Aadi Pirappu( Birth of the month is 17-Jul-2015): 

First day of this month Aadi  on 17th July. People celebrate this day as Aadi pandigai especially newly-weds. Special pooja is performed followed by a special food which includes delicous “Payasam(Kheer) “, “Purana Poli” and Vadai. The newly wedded groom in the family is invited to the Brides house and the couple is gifted with new dresses and other presents and treated well with a feast.


Aadi Ammavasai:

No moon day in Aadi month is very special to offer Tarpan ( padayal or offerings) to our Ancestors. This year is on 14th august 2015


Aadi Pooram(16-08-2015):

The New moon day in Aadi month is celebrated as “Aadi Pooram”. The day is also celebrated as the birthday of Aandal.



The 18th day of Aadi month is celebrated as Aadi perukku( perrukku means growing forward). Aadiperukku is a festival of fertility and people of Tamil Nadu especially women offer prayers. They wear new clothes and perform abhishekham and poojas  for Kaveri amman.


Aadi Karthigai(08-Aug-2015):

Aadi Karthigai  – Festival is worshipped to Lord Muruga.