5 cucumber face masks for all skin types


  Home made cucumber face mask with kasturi manjal: Mix cucumber pulp,1/2 tsp kasturi manjal(turmeric powder) and tsp of lemon juice.Apply on the face and not on the eyebrows or eye lashes and let it set for about 15 mins .Wash off with warm water.If you are not allergic to egg  then add egg white to  this mixture. Home made […]

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Sundal – Healthy Snack


Sundal is a very nutricious food for everyone.It is a very healthy snack for kids when they come from school. INGREDIENTS   1 cup sprouted moong dhal 1 tsp black mustard seeds 1 tsp urad dal a pinch of asafoetida 2 dry red chilies 10-12 curry leaves 2 to 3 tbsp fresh grated coconut salt as required Method : Rinse […]

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Simple way to improve metabolism


Sprouting the seeds impacts the nutritional quality tremendously and transforms it into a super food. Soaking the seeds quickly kick starts the metabolic activity  and brings about many beneficial changes. On sprouting, The enzymatic activity in the seed increases. Complex nutrients are broken down into simpler forms, starch into simpler sugars by amylase, proteins into aminoacids.At the end the product […]

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3 ways to stop heart burn


Heart burn ,a major problem for all junk food ,chat items,fast food,deep fried and non veg eaters.Well there are many solutions for heart burn like pepto bismol and eno and so many others.But still we like to eat all this stuff even though we are well aware that we will suffer from heart burn and gas problems.Our taste buds does […]

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4 ways to boost kids immunity

happy kids

The cold and the flu are the two common diseases among children in this season.There are many ways to prevent them by giving them natural food.Load them up with some good nutrients and good balanced diet little by little so that you can boost their immunity well and stay strong and healthy to fight these diseases. To build your kids […]

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5 Reasons why we should eat more coconut


Coconut is warehouse of all vitamins ,minerals and fibre.Coconut is one of the ingredients mostly used in the Indian Cooking. Good For Heart Coconut is very low in sodium and very high in potassium is very good for lowering blood pressure.Coconuts help to improve the good cholesterol .   Maintains weight Coconuts are very rich in fibre and very low […]

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Onions for hair growth


  The most common question among people now is “How to stop hair fall and induce hair growth?”.Think about our position after a few years if this situation continues.Most of the people try many beauty treatments provided in spas and salons which are very expensive and dosent give us the expected results.Trying  natural remedies are always safe but we have […]

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Foods to prevent premature greying of hair


Foods to prevent grey hair Dark  Leafy Vegetables Dark leafy spinach is very important to prevent greying of hair .The roots of the hair relies mostly on B-6 and vitamin B-12.There are many variety of spinach and all of them are very good for health. Murrungai Keerai  (Drumstick Leaves ) is very good for hair growth and all problems. Recipe […]

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How to treat Acne

acne 2

  Acne starts as a pimple when the pores in the skin is clogged with a oil type called sebum.This oil serves as the lubrication for the skin and hair.Acne is common during the age of 12-15 years of age.           Causes of Acne Constipation Improper supply of nutrients Irregular meals Consuming excessive amount of oily […]

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How to treat dandruff using natural home remedies

dandruff hair

  Oil massage for the scalp before following the methods. Method 1: Fenugreek seeds (methi )- 2 tsps soak in water overnight; Karisalankanni yellow or white (spinach) – few; Shiyakkai powder – 1 tsp; Arrappu powder – 1 tsp; Blend all the ingredients together  into a fine paste.Apply on the scalp and leave for half an hour. Wash it off preferably […]

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