8 Reasons Why You are Always Tired

tender cocnut

1.Dehydration It is very important to keep our body hydrated all the time.Loss of fluids will bring down the energy level ,reduces the blood volume and makes it thicker.If the flow of blood is reduced and there is no flow of fluids normally then the heart is at major strain.This will make the heart function less efficiently ,reduces the speed […]

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13 Steps to prevent hair fall and reduce breakcage

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To reduce the breakage of hair use wide – toothed comb to untangle the knots in the hair while combing.Later use small combs for various hairstyles .This will help you to stop hair fall and keeps the roots intact. Do not comb you hair when it is still wet as the roots of the hair will be very soaked up […]

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5 Easy Homemade Skin Lightening Tips


5 Easy Homemade Skin Lightening Remedies   1. Dried Orange Peels and Yogurt: Dry orange peels under the hot sun until all the moisture in the peels are dried up and peels are very crisp and brittle. How to make the Face Pack: In a mixer grinder grind the orange peels into a powder . Take 1 tsp of the […]

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Moringa Leaves for Good Health(Drumstick)


  Drumstick Tree is commonly known as Moringa Oleifera. Drum Stick Leaves helps to prevent many health issues. Drum Stick leaves is the natural medicine to get rid of many common diseases inexpensively. Drumstick leaves is suggested for all age groups to keep their health and fitness. The Drumstick leaves ,flowers and the drumstick vegetable have medicinal values. Most of […]

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Benefits of olive oil for skin and hair

Olive oil dripping from an olive into a carafe

Olive oil is a great emollient and penetrates your hair much better than other oils.Warm Olive oil works wonders to condition your hair. Benefits of Olive oil for Hair: 1.Use a tablespoon of warm olive oil, massage on your hair and scalp in a circular motion, and keep your hair covered in a shower cap.Let it set for 40 minutes and afterwards wash it off and use […]

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Foods to lower cholestrol

dried fruit

There are different types of cholesterol. LDL is the “bad” cholesterol. It’s the kind that can raise your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.HDL is the “good” cholesterol. It’s the kind that is linked to a lower risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.Our bodies need healthy levels of cholesterol to function.Cholesterol is a fatty substance made by the liver and distributed throughout […]

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Tips To Add Fiber To Your Meal

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  Fiber also has various beneficial effects on health.Fiber lowers blood sugar levels, Fibre doe not need insulin to be disposed  and therefore it is not counted as a carbohydrate. Fruits : To sneak in dietary fibre in your food fruits are the excellent source of insoluble fiber. Fruits are very important when you want to increase fiber in your […]

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Green tea For Better Health

green tea featured

  The consumption of green tea leaves, based on archeological data, can be dated as far back as 500,000 years ago. Based on botanical evidence,India and China were one of the first countries to consume tea .As for today, tea is all over the world. There are three types of teas- green, black and oolong which are all from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis […]

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Curry Leaves Prevents White Hair

curry lea pow

Curry leaves benefits for hair Curry leaves which is also known as  Kadi patta and Karuvepillai in tamil is used mostly for garnishing the food and for flavouring the food.But it is usually thrown away while eating the food.What most of us do not know is that this dark green leaves is the best part of the food that we […]

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Spicy Cool Butter Milk For Summer


  Ingredients Yogurt – 1 cup( left over sour yogurt is also good) Ginger-1/2 inch Green chilli – 1/2(use as required spicy taste) Corriander leaves – few Asafoetida –  a pinch Water – 2 cups Salt Method Grind ginger,green chilli,corriander leaves,asafoetida together into a paste in a  mixer grinder. Grind yogurt , water and salt along with the paste. Strain […]

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