8 Reasons Why You are Always Tired

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It is very important to keep our body hydrated all the time.Loss of fluids will bring down the energy level ,reduces the blood volume and makes it thicker.If the flow of blood is reduced and there is no flow of fluids normally then the heart is at major strain.This will make the heart function less efficiently ,reduces the speed of oxygen to reach the muscles and proper nutrients to reach the organs in time.Dehydration makes the whole body weak.Thus results in triedness through out the day

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2.Iron Defeciency

One of the main reasons you are tired all theday is because of iron defeciency.Iron defeciency make you very weak,irritable and cannot concentrate on any work that we are doing.Deficiency of iron content will lead to anemia.Foods like kidney beans,eggs,peanuts and green leafy veges are all loaded up with iron.Always remember to take in Vitamin C along with iron rich foods .This will help to absorb iron better.Most of the home remedies work for iron defeciency but if you are having more health problem then it is best to consult the doctor always.

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3.You skip breakfast

Most of us have the tendency to skip breakfast or just have a cup of coffee or a glass of juice and head on to work.Then for lunch we eat heavily as we are very hungry and by lunch time we eat anything we find is very comforting.This type of eating will only give the worst result.When we skip breakfast we are in empty stomach for half of the day ,which will make us very weak and tired and cannot do our work properly and during lunch time our stomach is full and we will be very sluggish and our body will only tend to sleep.So again we will not be able to concentrate in work.Eating breakfast is like recharging the body for the new day.It is always better to keep our body recharged by having some healthy food in the morning like eggs,whole wheat toast,oatmeal,Indian Idli with sambar,bananas,fruit juices etc.

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4.You live on junk food

Foods high in sugar and carbs increases blood sugar levels rapidly.Loading up with junk food always spikes up the blood level and then suddenly drops which will only lead to tiredness and weak all day.It is very important to keep the blood sugar levels constant by eating foods like whole grain,brown rice,chicken etc.

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5.You have a messy office

Always keep your workstation clean and organised.Messy office room,desks,folders,files etc.will keep you very confused and search all the time for something and anything.When closing time keep it a point to put away all the files correctly,clean up the desk and arrange for the next day.This will keep the mind clam and healthy.You will be able to work more efficiently.

6.You have a glass of wine (or two) before bed

Avoid taking alcohol at night.This will give you splitting head ache in the morning and takes a lot of time to sober up.Missing all work at right time will make your mind very weak and tried all through the day.

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7.Taking too much of Caffenine

Consuming too much of coffee keeps you awake at night and disrupts the sleep cycle.Deprived of sleep will make you very weak and sleepy all through the day.


8.You stay up late on weekends

Weekends are  most awaited  by thursday and when it is there we are all so nuts that we exploit it very possible way.We eat a lot,stay up late,wake up very late the next day etc.This will cramp up the week days.Your body also needs some rest .So try to have ateast 20 mins nap during the afternoon.Then enjoy and have fun.