Benefits of olive oil for skin and hair

Olive oil dripping from an olive into a carafe

Olive oil is a great emollient and penetrates your hair much better than other oils.Warm Olive oil works wonders to condition your hair.Olive-Oil_

Benefits of Olive oil for Hair:

1.Use a tablespoon of warm olive oil, massage on your hair and scalp in a circular motion, and keep your hair covered in a shower cap.Let it set for 40 minutes and afterwards wash it off and use a mild shampoo if necessary.

2. Olive oil is your best friend in case you have dry damaged hair that lead to other hair problems like split ends and frizzy hair .To nourish those dry tresses give your hair a hot olive oil hair massage. Keep in mind though that if olive oil is heated too much, it loses its benefits.

3. For extremely dry hair, mix 4 tbsp. of olive oil with half a tsp. of honey. Fill a bowl with boiling water and place a smaller bowl containing this mix in it so that you don’t lose the benefits of both olive oil and honey. Apply this to your scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes followed by usual hair wash and conditioning.

4. We used an egg white and olive oil mix to get glowing skin. This recipe can also be used on dry hair to repair, nourish and add shine. You can add honey to this hair pack as well. Let it remain on your hair for 20-30 minutes followed by normal hair wash .Olive-Oil-For-Face-Skin



Benefits of Olive Oil For Skin:

Olive oil is closer in chemical structure to the skin’s natural oil than any other naturally occurring oil.

1. Thus it acts as the perfect moisturiser especially for dry skin.

2. It can also be used to moisturise extremely dry

skin prone areas like elbows and knees.

3. Olive oil has the power to  regenerate skin tissue.Regular usage ensures that your skin remains soft and smooth while keeping it toned and firmed .

4. Take equal quantities of water and oil in a tight lid jar and shake it well to mix them together. Massage your skin with this and wash it off with lukewarm water.Works for all dry skin problems.

5. Another great face mask to moisturise your skin with olive oil can be made by blending together 1 tbsp. of honey, with 1 tbsp. olive oil and yolk of one egg. Blend them together till they come together and apply on a clean face.Let this mask stay for 15-20 minutes after which wash it off with lukewarm water. This mask moisturises the skin and helps in clearing out and

maintaining the natural skin tone .

6. Make a paste using olive oil and mashed avocados and apply it on your face. Let it work on your skin for 20-25 minutes and then rinse.This mask will leave your skin rejuvenated.

7. For those of you, who have extremely dry skin can use virgin olive oil as a night cream. Apply a little quantity of the oil on your face at night and let it stay overnight. You will wake up to soft and supple skin in the morning.

8. The regenerative power of olive oil also helps in stimulating the process of skin healing . It can be used to soothe and heal skin irritations.The same property also helps in treating

sunburn. Just apply olive oil on the affected area directly.

9. The main cause behind the olive oil benefits for skin is that it is rich in healthy fats and phenolic antioxidant vitamin E along with squalene and oleic acidas. These help in getting rid of free radicals as well as repair the damage done due to exposure to sun. These elements are also known to reduce the chances of skin cancer as they inhibit growth of tumour cells.

10. Say goodbye to those ugly looking stretch marks on your body with olive oil. Olive oil helps the skin to regenerate as well as increases the elasticity of the skin. This not only helps in

preventing stretch marks from coming back but also helps in lightening the ones that are present. Start using olive oil for hot oil massage on the affected areas thrice a week and notice

the change .

11. You don’t need to spend big bucks on buying fancy makeup removers. All you need is a bottle  of olive oil. Olive oil doesn’t sting the eye and is not harsh on the skin unlike some cosmetic make up removers .It is definitely an alternative that people with sensitive skin should look into. In case you are

worried about the oiliness it will leave behind,that problem can easily be resolved by washing your face with your regular face wash after you remove your makeup with olive oil. This will also ensure that there are no traces of makeup left on the skin. You can also make this makeup  remover or cleanser by mixing together olive oil and castor oil. The proportions of oil depend on the skin type. If you have dry skin, take more olive oil and in case you are an oily skinned beauty use more castor oil and less of olive oil.

12. The antioxidants present in olive oil  along with the vitamin E help in preventing cell degeneration in your skin, thus preventing premature ageing . The squalene present in this oil helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin thus preventing sagging of skin and leaving it firmly toned with youthful glow. To reduce the wrinkles around your eyes,massage olive oil into the skin around your eyes.Make sure that you are very careful and delicate when you work around the eyes, as the skin is so delicate that you can damage and stretch the skin very easily doing more harm than good.

13. If you are suffering from dry and scaly skin, mix olive oil and sea salt and massaging it into the affected area to slough off dead skin and enrich the healthy layer beneath it. You can also add a few tablespoons of olive oil with a drop or two of lavender essential oil in a bath. It is a simple and luxurious way to relax, soothe and moisturize the whole body .

14. Olive oil not only helps in treating sunburns , it also works really well as a sunscreen. Mix equal quantities of olive oil and tea decoction (tea boiled in water and strained) and apply all

over the body and face. Leave this on for an hour. Rinse, don’t wash, so that it leaves a residue on the skin. This will act as a natural sunscreen for you .

15. Good blood circulation is essential to provides natural glow to the skin. A weekly olive oil massage will not only enhance the blood circulation but also help in keeping your skin young and moisturised . You can also use olive oil as a carrier of other essential oils. Just heat olive oil and your favourite essential oil for a few seconds, making sure that you don’t burn the olive oil and give your skin the pampering it needs. The beauty benefits of olive oil don’t end here. Tired of chapped lips, apply olive oil

instead of your normal lip balm . Trying to lose weight, change your normal cooking oil to olive oil. Hate that cellulite, mix used coffee grounds with olive oil and apply and massage on

to the skin. eco-beauty-natural-eye-make-up-remover

17. Mascara makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful. But people with sensitive eyes tend to  have an itchy sensation due to application of mascara. But that is no reason to not get those fluttering eyelashes. Just use an old mascara brush and apply olive oil with it . This will result in longer and shinier eyelashes without any loss of lashes or eye allergies.