5 Reasons why we should eat more coconut


Coconut is warehouse of all vitamins ,minerals and fibre.Coconut is one of the ingredients mostly used in the Indian Cooking.

Good For Heart

Coconut is very low in sodium and very high in potassium is very good for lowering blood pressure.Coconuts help to improve the good cholesterol .


Maintains weight

Coconuts are very rich in fibre and very low in calorie.It also help to loose some weight as they increase the metabolism rate.Coconut is very rich in fibre and hence helps the bowel movement and digestion.






The Oil of Coconut for hair care

For great hair texture apply the cocnut oil on your scalp and massage it gently for about 2-3 minutes and let it set for ½ hr.Take good shower after that then you will see that the result is awesome.The coconut milk is filled vitamins and nutrients which lowers the damage of hair and breakage.They help in controlling dandruff and very useful for healthy hair.


For digestion

Coconut is very rich in fibre and hence helps the bowel movement and digestion.

tender cocnut






The Tender Coconut (the water)

The natural glucose water is available just over our heads on the coconut trees.None other than tender coconut water will give all the energy needed and cool your body from all the heat .Drinking atleast two tender coconut twice a week will keep your body hydrated and cool your system.It is the best beverage during summer.

 Tips :

  • Drink coconut water and loose weight.
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Helps dissolve kidney stones.
  • Improves blood circulation.