4 ways to boost kids immunity

happy kids

The cold and the flu are the two common diseases among children in this season.There are many ways to prevent them by giving them natural food.Load them up with some good nutrients and good balanced diet little by little so that you can boost their immunity well and stay strong and healthy to fight these diseases.

To build your kids immunity try these natural foods:




Vitamin D
Very important to build strong bones,teeth and muscles.Vitamin D is available in plenty in Fish (salmon,tuna etc.),1 cup of mlik,1 cup of orange juice. Calcium does not get absorbed immediately after intake of these foods but should also have some kind of exposure to the sun  as absorbed by the skin via the sun’s rays.So let the kids play during 4.00 o’clock in the evening when the sun is not so hot and there is no risk of getting skin cancer

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the easiest vitamin available.It is very important for fighting the cold and cough.Vitamin C is plenty in lemon (lemon juice),Oranges ,broccoli,banana,strawberries and most of the berries carry least amount of vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to fight against viral infections.Vitamin A is plenty in Mango,Seafood,Sweet red peppers,Cantaloupe,dried apricots,lettuce,dark green leafy vegges,sweet potato.

Vitamin E 
Vitamin E is important for skin texture.This vitamin is plenty in Papaya,avacado,sunflower seeds,bell peppers,pine nuts,green olives,dried apricot ,almonds and cooked spinach.


Iron is very important as it creates the hemoglobin which carries the oxygen in the blood.

Iron is plenty in Seafood,Liver of pork,chicken,turkey,lamb,beef etc.,Squash and pumpkin seeds,Nuts like cashew,pine,hazelnut,peanut,almonds,walnuts pistachios tec.,Beans and pulses,Bran,dark leafy green veges,Dark chocolate.


  • For after school snacks serve the kids nuts, dry fruits like raisins,apricot etc.