Beauty Benefits of Kasthuri Manjal

Kasthuri manjal is an Indian herb which was used by our ancestors as a face pack from so many years ago.Manjal is what we call in tamil,in hindi haldi and in English turmeric.

Dry the Kasthuri Manjal in bright sun and then make it into powder.

kasthuri manjal


Beauty Benefits of Kasthuri Manjal


  • Kasthuri Manjal Face Packyogurt

Mix kasthuri manjal with yogurt and make it into a paste.Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice into the mixture.Damp your face with luke warm water and apply the paste on the face including the neck area.Allow it to dry .Later damp the dried paste on the face with a little bit of water and scrub the paste in the circular motion on the cheeks and fore head and the neck area.For dry skin you can add milk fat which will keep the skin oily and moisturized.

  • Kasthuri Manjal for hair removal

Use kasthuri manjal everyday after bath on the hand ,face,and legs.This will naturally remove the unwated facial hair and other unwanted hair which we call it as the female peach fuzz and also removes or lightens hair on hands and legs too.


  • Kasthuri Manjal for Acne

Apply kasthuri manjal and yogurt mixture over the acne area and you can see that acne will reduce down and also helps to reduce the burning sensation.

Kasthuri manjal for scars

  Kasthuri manjal is the best for scars.Any types of scars will anser to kasthuri             manjal.Scars like burnt scars,nail pinched scars,acne scars,pimple scars,boil scars,chicken   pox scars,stretch marks etc. all will slowly fade away when kasthuri manjal is used regularly.For acne scars mix yogurt with kasthuri manjal.

  •  Kasthuri manjal for skin diseases

This powder is very fragrant.It helps to prevent skin diseases like eczema,fungus etc.