How to reduce puffy eyes

Major cause for puffy eyes is due to dehydration ,staying up very late at night and aging process.When fluids stay in the tissue under the eye the eye bags are formed.A natural remedy for this puffy eyes is right in the your kitchen.When you have tea in the morning or evening just store the tea bags in the refrigerator.When chilled just squeeze the water out.tea bagsKeep the bags over puffy eyes for about 10 mins.Continue this process atleast every other day .Slowly this method will prevent the dark circles around the eyes too.

eye cucumber

Another very simple remedy for reducing puffy eyes is to keep a piece of cucumber over the eyes for about 10 mins.This will reduce the heat ,stress and heaviness caused by so many

add adsense ads to wordpress post

Add Google Adsense Inside WordPress Post

In our previous post we have showed you how to add google adsense to WordPress. However it might not be very effective way of monetization because the adsense ads are visible only on the menu of the WordPress post and the adsense ad is not displayed inside the WordPress post.

By including the adsense blog inside the WordPress post you are making sure that the adsense ad is right before the visitor to your website and when he or she reads your WordPress post they are sure not to miss the adsense ad. Thus you get the adsense ad to occupy prime real estate position in you WordPress page. Continue reading

adsense mAdding Adsense to Wordpress page

Google Adsense Ads in WordPress

Making money with Google Adsense is a great way to monetize your blog. But if you are new to wordpress you might be thinking, how do I put Google Adsense ads in WordPress Post.

For any new blogger the idea of making money by way of having his or her blog is a great deal as this will provide the additional incentive to write your thoughts on a day to day basis thus bring in more and more viewers and a regular following to your web blog which you have spent enormous amount of time to keep updated. Continue reading

Beautiful glowing face after a facial

Facial at Home

Getting a facial at home is simple and easy and rewarding. Well we have all been there. Getting a facial done at an expensive skin care clinic by a Professional “esthetician”. Paid through our nose while we are at it and then wondered can I not get the same facial at home which would also be cheaper and a more private facial. A facial probably once a week rather than once a month and also a facial at the right time for example just before we think that we might have an acne breakout so that it can be avoided. Read on to understand how to get a facial done at home right. Continue reading

Beautiful nails and cuticles

Make your Own Cuticle Enrichment Oil Mix To Get Yourself a Beautiful Set of Nails

Best Cuticle Enrichment Oil

Do you own a bad looking set of nails with all types of nail problems.

Ugly Cuticles

Ugly Cuticles

Do your hands look repulsive because the nails are problematic. This could be because of improper cuticle health as cuticles are very important for nail growth and nail health and nail appearance and nail beauty which in turn makes your hands appear beautiful.

Cracked Cuticles and Dry Skin

Cracked Cuticles and Dry Skin

They you do not have to look very far to own a glowing set of nails.

Beautiful nails and cuticles

Beautiful nails and cuticles

To have a glowing set of nails you need to nourish them everyday. Continue reading

Trending now is Interstellar


 It is a real Christmas gift for all the sci fi movies fans and we must say that it has fullfilled everyones dreams.The Director Christopher Nolan has done it all again.It is a wow factor.The genius who made the incredible movies like “Inception” and “The Dark Night” has given us such a movie that has left the audience in such an awe.The movie is not like the previous space thrillers as it stands very unique on its own way.

The Stars:

interstellar nolan

With Matthew McConaughey on the lead has given out his best performance along with Jessica Chastain , Anne Hathaway impress the most. All the drama and tragedy of the relationship of father and daughter in this film will not leave anyone indifferent. Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn and other actors also coped with their roles and presented the film’s supporting characters very realistic. The role of Matt Damon is very small but very important.

The Music

Hans Zimmer scores the heart of all the audience .The sound effect is just incredible.He holds the key note of the letter, “Once we become parents, we can’t help but look at ourselves through the eyes of our children”, deserves a great applause. On this basis, Hans managed to write just incredible soundtrack that perfectly harmonizes with the history and the visual side of the picture.

The Scientific Genius

interstellarmathew _a

The Nolan brothers have given us the visual effect so well that it never occurs to anyone, while watching the movie ,is a set. The cinematography just makes the audience to be lost in space .The movie is all about the a failing Earth and a last space mission that sends astronauts through a wormhole in hope of finding a habitable haven. Physicist Kip Thorne, is the scientific consultant for the film. He is the main backbone behind the entire story and plot of Interstellar.He says

“For the depictions of the wormholes and the black hole,” he said, “we discussed how to go about it, and then I worked out the equations that would enable tracing of light rays as they travelled through a wormhole or around a black hole—so what you see is based on Einstein’s general relativity equations.”

In creating the wormhole and a rotating black hole, which opposed to a non-rotating black hole possess an ergosphere, Dr. Thorne along with visual effect supervisor Paul Franklin set a team of 30 computer effects artists at Double Negative.Dr. Thorne would provide pages of deeply sourced theoretical equations to the artists, who then wrote new CGI rendering software based on these equations to create accurate computer simulations of the gravitational lensing caused by these phenomena.

Nolan’s genius unfolds before us this action is beyond praise.This is surely the best film of the year.

Is Your IP Surveillance Camera showing your habits to the world

IP surveillance security Camera

Have you installed a IP surveillance security Camera in your home and thought that your home is secure because of it. Think again.

IP Surveillance Camera

IP Surveillance Camera

Hackers from around the world have added a new website that can monitor your home through the same camera. Your neighbor can be watching what you are doing in your house through the camera that you have installed to check on your day to day activities. Your friendly neighbor hood crook might also be checking on you through the website.

Hackers have hacked into more than seventy three thousand IP surveillance cameras all over the world and have posted their live feed on their web site called Insecam.
The site literally tracks tens of thousands of these camera feeds and updates these live on its website for the entire world to see.

The feeds are from cameras for which the owners have not bothered to change the default password or left the password blank.
The site seems to have captured feeds from these cameras in an automated fashion and is adding several thousand every day so your home surveillance camera could also be feeding your home video to the site and this might be viewed by any one on the web
throwing your privacy rights to the wind.
Even though the site is currently very slow there is a potential that your house stream might be the one that is watched by the pervert next door.

The only justification that the site owners have stated for their action is that they wanted to create an awareness among people about securing their camera feeds with an password. Although technically they have not hacked into any of these cameras as they have only logged in with the default username and password, legally their action might be considered as hacking since they have logged into these systems without proper authorization.

Therefore if you feel that your camera is not properly protected with an username and password do it right away to make sure that a pervert next door is not watching everything you do.

IP surveillance cameras are a great tool for securing your house and belongings and they offer the convenience of watching the activities in your house from any where however the same convenience can be a problem if you do not secure the same from other people. So do yourself a favor and change the password on the camera so that your house can be watched by only you in the future.

Xiaomi Mi4 bags third in the world


Xiaomi Bags the third position in manufacturing smartphones in the world.Samsung and Apple are at the lead as always and Lenovo,LG and Xiaomi were at the fourth position but now the report shows theat Xiaomi is now in the third position.

Xiaomi ‘s flagship mobile Mi4 was revealed in august to compete against Samsung and Apple.But Xiaomi is sold very well in China and some Asian countries too.But not sure in other places were Samsung and Apple are still the biggest players.


In Quarter 2014 the vendors shipped a total of 327 million units with an increase of 25% from the same period a year ago, and 8 % from the Quarter 2015.

“Despite rumors of a slowing market, smartphone shipments continue to see record-setting volumes. We’ve finally reached a point where most developed markets are experiencing single-digit growth while emerging markets are still growing at more than 30 percent collectively,” said Ryan Reith, program director with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Samsung is still the leading master in Smartphones and Apple is going on with its iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus is going on to it third-quarter volume ever.The new iPhones were sold in advance booking and about 10 million phones were sold during the first weekend.

Lenovo’s cost is less than $100 and are emerging in the Asia-Pacific markets,Middle east and Africa.


What is Insurance???

What is Insurance?insurance

This is a question that is top of the mind of every person who wants to buy an insurance policy or for an agent who wants to sell you an insurance policy for the first time.

Why do you need insurance?

insurance family

You need insurance so that you can take care of your family in case anything happens to you.

The agent who comes to sell the policies might be your uncle, neighbour ,friend or a relative who just showed up at your door and wants to sell you a policy so that you can get them commission.

insurance bro

So what is insurance really and how does it help a person especially a person in India. We are going to concentrate on Insurance in India as India is one of the countries which has the least insurance cover either for people or for industries or properties.Therefore let us first start by defining what is insurance.

In lay mans terms Insurance is the sharing of losses which can be compensated by monetary means by people who pay into a pool of funds that will be used to compensate the loss of a few who lose within the time frame where in the fund was supposed to be used.

Well that was a not lay men terms you say, in that case let me elaborate.

Assume that in a city there are one thousand shops. Each owner of a shop has Rs. One lakh worth of stocks in his shop.Suppose one of the shops were to have a fire and the stocks were destroyed then that shop owner will be left with no stocks and a heavy loss to bear.Further more the workers will be left without a job.

Thus in order to mitigate such losses that could happen to any one of these shops then about 1000 shop owners join together and pool one lakh rupee s by contributing Rs. 100 each, and when the loss happens next to one shop the pool of Rs. one lakh is given to the shop owner who has lost his stock so that he can buy back the stocks and restock himself.

All is well again. Thus by contributing just Rs. 100 each the city shop owners have insured themselves against a catastrophe which might affect any one of them. This is the essence of insurance.

The next question arises what happens when the next fire occurs, and the pool is now empty. Well the shop owners should immediately contribute to the fund once they have used the funds to pack the first loss, since every one of the 1000 shop owners might not have Rs. 100 left to contribute the funds again and someone in the group might not feel like paying right at that time, or what if two losses happened at the same time and there was no money to pay the second loss, such scenarios make the above system impractical for most purposes.

To make a more formal setup Insurance Companies are formed.

Insurance companies make it a point to collect insurance premiums from a lot of people (a lot more than the 1000 people) usually in the millions so that the chance of the pool getting depleted by a few members leaving at a time, or from multiple losses happening at the same time does not arise. They also study the pattern of losses that happen over time and decide what is the least amount of share that each member of the pool has to contribute so that the losses happening are covered (this is done by people who know a lot of math and have specialized in the study of Probability – more on that latter).


History of blogger (chapter 2)

pyra labs

Blogger was launched by Pyra labs on August 23,1999.In 2003 the Blogger was purchased by google and thus the unique features in blogger became free.

google and blogger

In 2004 google introduced huge redesign and added special features like professional templates,pages for posts,comments and email feedback.In 2006 google introduced its new version named Invader.This feature allowed the user to migrate to google servers and allowed multi language felicity for languages like french,german,italian,spanish etc.In 2007 google moved blogger completely to operated servers.